Friday, August 5, 2011


9.  OK, we made it though the grocery shopping despite the carts, customers and cashiers... But, let's back up a bit...

We had to get to the store, more than likely, by car, and that opens up a whole new series of Peeves, even before we get in the store!

One thing I'll mention, but it's not really a Peeve because you can't do anything about it, is the crowded Parking Lot.  If their busy, the likelihood of getting a good parking spot, one close to the store, is almost nil.  More of a frustration than any thing else, especially if it's raining or windy and cold...

Now, for the Peeves!

How about a nice close parking spot you see ahead, but when you are about to pull in to it, you see it's got a shopping cart (or carts) left in the spot and you have to abandon that parking place for one that's further away!

C'mon people!  How hard is it to return your cart to the corrals (metal framed holding areas) and not just leave them in a parking spot?!?!

There are only two reasons I would ever abandon a cart...

One, it there's a nasty lightning storm, I would not press my luck pushing a 4-wheeled lightning arrestor!

Two, would be during a tornado or hurricane when every second matters getting to the safety of your car!

Yeah, I've never been shopping during either one of these events either..

So, basically, put the carts away in their proper place!

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